Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thank You Alex Rodriguez

As the title states, Thank You Alex Rodriguez for being involved with PED's and for ruining peoples card collections including my own. As a punishment, I will be taking you from the STAR players binder you were once in and now you can find yourself in the dreaded Box. The Box.

In high school, The Box was a small enclosed area with a chair and desk where they would put kids who were causing trouble in the classroom or had detention. My form of The Box is a white 800 ct box where I stick players I am no longer collecting. Ones that are in detention. Its a place where former STARS (according to my binder rules) and players I used to collect who lost my respect go. Alex, you will find yourself in The Box as a form of a lifetime detention with the likes of Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds among others.

Now this doesn't mean I am going to go sell everything Rodriguez because of what he did. He is human like the rest of us. We all slip and make mistakes. This just means his cards are hidden from view. He doesn't deserve to be in binders with the likes of Derek Jeter and my homeboy Ken Griffey Jr and others.

I must also say having another one of my "STAR" players hit The Box again may also turn me further away from wanting to collect baseball cards full time. I just never know who else could end up in there. The risk isn't worth the reward to me.

In closing, Thank You Alex Rodriguez. Another fallen star who I once enjoyed watching play and collecting.I hope you don't get a lifetime ban from baseball since others in your situation didn't, but I do believe you have more than earned a lifetime ban to The Box.

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