Monday, November 11, 2013

Dual Prime Jersey Card Mail Day From Jammin JDcards

The one thing about working with great people here at Sport Card Collectors, is being able to search their sites for items you are looking for. Such goes for BCW Supplies, Panini America, The Pack Gambler and what this post is about Jammin JDcards. They may also give you a heads up about something beforehand you may be looking for or something they know you like.

So searching Jammin JDcards I knew I wanted some Giants cards. I particularly wanted something David Wilson. Despite a down year when it was expected to be huge, I still have faith that next year will be a turning point for him when healthy.

That's when this card popped up and I knew I had to have it:

This card not only features some pretty sweet swatches and David Wilson, but also Doug Martin who is a star in Tampa. So its a big double bonus!

Speaking of double bonus, to my surprise was these cards that Jammin JDcards threw in for free. And my first Brandon Myers Giants card. Thanks for that!

Overall, this was a pretty sweet mail day addition to the collection. If there is something you are searching for or feel is missing from your collection, I recommend you turn to Jammin JDcards first. You can locate their site HERE.Or in many places on our blog.

As always thoughts are welcomed on our mail day!

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  1. Glad it made it over safe. Looks good in your collection =P