Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Breakin Wax:1991 Fleer Basketball Pack Break

Old fashion wax packs. Some collectors love them, some collectors hate them. Whether you love or hate them, all of these cards have a place in cardboard history including 1991 Fleer Basketball.

In every pack of 1991 Fleer Basketball were fourteen cards. There were also chances at Pro Vision inserts as well which I did not land in my pack. The Provisions had an artsy look to them.

The card design was not one of my favorite Fleer ones. A lot of border especially on the left hand side that took up almost a third of the card. There were some decent photographs but with so much border it took away  from that making you focus on the border itself. On a positive note, the cards have very little gloss on them which can make great cards to be signed for those of us who do TTM (through the mail) autographs.

Now onto the break:

And the highlight to me of the pack...a Michael Jordan card. Anything with his picture is worth owning so that will go into the PC.
Overall, nothing jumps out at you. But, there is just something about opening up an older pack and bringing back those childhood memories.


  1. I have a ton of these cards from when I was a kid. Nice Jordan also.

  2. Nothing wrong with that Kemp card either :)

  3. I have so many of these. I love the coaches having cards

  4. It's amazing how the hobby has changed.

  5. Great memories. Schrempf and Floyd are two of my all-time faves. The cards are definitely dated but still great to see a blast from the past. Fleer must have been wanting to inject some color into their cards after their first offerings of basketball cards were a little bland.