Saturday, May 23, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Topps Opening Day Blaster Box

Seems a bit delayed for me to open a product called Opening Day, when Opening Day was about two months ago. But, that's just how things happen in my wax opening world.

Well, let's get to ripping this!
In every blaster of 2015 Topps Opening Day, there are 11 packs of 7 cards each. Every box will run you $9.99 which to me is a good deal with the possibilities at relics and autographs. Though tough odds.

The base cards for Opening Day are a watered down version of the Topps ones. But with this years nice looking Topps base design, I don't mind.

Here are some rookies I landed....

Including a Soler!

There seems to be a decent run on inserts in a blaster as well.Here are Mascots and Stadium Scenes

Hit The Dirt insert showcasing "dirty" slides.

Franchise Flashback, which looks very similar to UD Vintage and Superstar Celebrations


And my favorite insert of them all....Opening Day Stars. I really like the 3D/Sportflix design(without the movement) on these.
With not much out there on the market for kids when it comes to baseball cards, especially since the sad departure of UD's Collectors Choice,  Opening Day makes a great option with chances at still landing some decent hits. The only thing I think would draw kids to the product even more would be sticker/tattoo insert adds...just sayin.

Personally, I felt good about the blaster break. There wasn't anything huge pulled here, but I felt it was a fun rip and was worth the $10. It might be something I go back and try again.

What are your thoughts on this years Opening Day? The product in general?


  1. I have yet to see these $9.99 blasters at my local Target. If and when I do... I'll have to buy one.

  2. The product has much better odds at the hobby level, especially with SPs. I pulled a nice $60 Puig.