Saturday, May 2, 2015

Breakin Wax: Sons Of Anarchy Seasons 4&5

An amazing show that has recently concluded in December 2014, Sons Of Anarchy gave you thrills, chills and emotional moments that led up to one great finale. However, we are not going to discuss any of that yet. We are going to celebrate this weeks release of Seasons 4&5 from Cryptozoic first.

If you haven't ever seen the show or are curious with what it's about, here is a quick summary without spilling all the beans.

The storyline is based around single father Jax Teller is loyal to his outlaw motorcycle club but starts to question the group's lawlessness and himself. The motorcycle club does both legal and illegal businesses and protects the town of Charming, California keeping drug dealers away. But, its activities also include a thriving illegal arms business.

Now that you have the quick summary of what this epic show was about, let's get onto showing off the goods!

There are 24 packs per box with 5 cards per pack. Each box comes with 2 hits, one wardrobe card and one on-card autograph. Each box will roughly run you around $80.

The base cards are high glossed and have some of the key scenes from seasons 4&5 with a quick scene recap on the back of each card. There are 72 cards in the base card set and should complete one in a box.

There are two insert sets to find in the product. First one here is Gallery. I like the up-close and personal photos. Captures the emotion of the show. You will find these 1:4 packs. I seemed to hit a few more than that.

The other insert set is Character Bios. These fall 1:4 and are exactly as their title, Character Bios. Each of these photographs are done in black and white adding a nice offset to the product

Up next is a temporary tattoo. Obviously these are cool and can make you feel like you are part of their club. These fall 1:24 packs.

There is also rainbow foil parallels. I didn't see any odds on them, it does state 1:12 packs on inserts, but these are numbered to 25. I put the base card in comparison to the parallel.

My wardrobe, 1:24 packs, is of Alex Trager who is Vice President and the former Sergeant-at-Arms of the club.

And my autograph, 1:24 packs, is of Dawn Trager who is Alex's daugther. So I guess you can say I got father/daughter combo hits in this box.

And to my surprise, a bonus hit in the box! A replica patch card that falls at a tough rate of 1:192 packs! These look really cool!
Overall, I felt pretty good about this break. Good amount of inserts, two hits not counting the bonus, decent price point and memories from those two great seasons. I look forward to the next release.

You can find more info and more images of the product right HERE on the Cryptozoic blog. View away!

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  1. Great show. Still haven't watched the final season, but it's on my "to do" list over the summer. Congratulations on pulling that sweet Tig wardrobe card. He's one of my favorite characters.