Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hottest Golf Cards Right Now

With the golf card market not seeing much in terms of releases recently, it seems the only place to grab a rookie card of someone is from a magazine. That magazine most have heard of but don't think about purchasing not unless for their kids. But, then you find crazy collectors like me that collect any piece of cardboard and keep a subscription.

Looking at the market right now, these two are some of the hottest golf cards out there. Especially every week winner Jordan Spieth. I don't expect these to cool down too soon until his rookie is released in a product.

I keep all of my SI for kids cards in full sheets.
I know not many use Beckett anymore, but this card currently has a BV of $40. That's a lot for a magazine card. Of course not as much as Tiger Woods still but it could slowly increase if he continues his pace.
Here is another great one to have right now along with Rory McIlroy that I don't have pictured but do have.

What are your thoughts on collecting SI For Kids cards? Do you collect them? Do you think there is a market for them? Especially for players that don't have rookie cards per say.


  1. I understand collecting them and have considered picking a couple up for PCs here and there, but I've never actually pulled the trigger on one. I think maybe it's the perforated edges that turn me off of them. Do you pull them apart? Do you cut them apart? What if you mess it up or they tear unevenly?

  2. I have a couple of Griffey SI for Kids cards and I planned on picking up the Scooby Wright card for my University of Arizona collection.

  3. I love collecting them. I have three full binders dedicated to full sheets going all the way back to the early 90's.