Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nuttin' But The Hits:1996 Spx Baseball Box

With 1997 Spx baseball set done off from my Spx Project want list, I now take a turn at a need in 1996 Spx baseball.

What better way to try and build a set then breaking a box of the product?? Also what better way to try and land the needed Griffey autograph as well with the low box price vs the cost of the auto. I knew my odds were against me with that part, but was hopeful to get a good start on the set need.
Each box of 1996 Spx baseball has 36 packs and has one card per pack so I knew it wouldn't be a full set type of box. I think back in the day packs ran $6.99 per pack. Today, they are cheaper, but not by much as this product is still pretty popular especially for those chasing down those elusive autographs. This box however was on sale for $49.99 so it felt like a steal.

Why am I so crazy about this product...IT'S THE HOLOGRAMS! They just blend so well in the design of the product. It's nothing that the hobby has seen or will ever see again after it died off in the '98 card season. Upper Deck produced one big bomb-diggity with this products run like this.

Here are my gold parallel finds in the box. BIG UNIT!

When busting the packs, I somehow missed this card the first time around. A 1:24 pack Bound For Glory pull of Chipper. I knew a girl in my younger years who would had killed for this card. She was Chipper everything. Her LL Bean backpack had the name of Chipper on it.

And I didn't pull the 1:2000 odd auto, but did get for the third time the 1:75 commemorative card.
Overall, can't complain about the break. Some nice insert pulls and I found myself with 30/60 cards n the set. I plan on posting those set needs once I hear back from another trader on what cards they found for it.

Thoughts on today's break are welcomed in comments!


  1. This die cut shape appears to be exclusive to baseball. I love holograms myself...the 1995-96 NBA set was the first NBA set I ever completed, my parents gave it to me for my birthday in 1996. That's something I'll never forget.

  2. The 96 and 97 football sets are my all-time favorites, but the baseball and basketball sets are pretty awesome, too. I really only collect football, but I've thought about picking up the other SPX sets from these years just because they're amazing products!

  3. A. Mid 90's SPx anything rules. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and racing... I love them all.
    B. Who wouldn't kill for that Chipper? It's awesome.
    C. But it's not quite as awesome as that commemorative card of The Kid.