Friday, February 3, 2017

Iconic Childhood Designs Part 2:1995 Pacific Prism Football

This segment takes a look at some of my favorite designs from my early years of collecting. These are designs I will never forget and when I see them, they will take me down memory lane. 

Anyone else remember a department store called Ames? Well, I do and I believe that most of those who live or lived on the east coast in the 90's will as well.

Every time I see the design of today's featured cards it takes me back to that store. A store I bought not only cards but many of my action figures I had including my TMNT and Power Rangers. Man I wished I still had those.

So as most of you know by now, I collected a lot with my father when I was little. Cards were pretty much sold everywhere from gas stations to craft stores to department stores and one of those stores was a local one called Ames.

We were there on a typical necessity run, and no that didn't include cards, and we were going up and down the aisles when I noticed a random pack of 1995 Prism football sitting on a shelf with towels. It was as if the pack was calling to me so I went over and picked it up noticing that someone had already opened it. Two things came to mine, one, I gotta peek as I had never seen the product before and two, I want to look for more. 

So I did take a slow peek, inside was a beautiful rainbow-glowing Joey Galloway Prism rookie. I immediately was drawn in by the design and with the player being Galloway a top pick, I knew it was a hot card at the time so I continued to carry that pack around and proceeded to the card section to see if there was more. Which sadly, there wasn't.

So here I was holding a $5 opened pack of cards. I knew the card inside was at least worth that and after some begging, I was allowed purchase the pack of cards in which the cashier never noticed it had already been opened. It took away some of the excitement from it already being opened, but at least I knew I was buying a worthy card.

I still have that Galloway card but due to my big sorting project I couldn't locate it for this post, however, I did find a few more cards I have from it and they are here. Some pictures never uploaded for some reason but you get the idea of why these were such a draw-in.

I loved the rainbow shine and the split-screen set up.

Sadly, that Galloway pack was the only one I ever "opened" until a few years ago when I got some packs from Jammin JD Sports Cards in which I did pull a gold parallel from as well. They were never re-stocked in Ames. 
To this day I still can't figure out why that pack was left behind if someone was trying to steal it. Was a good card inside. Maybe it was just my destiny to own it. I will never know but that's the way I will always look at it.

So what do you guys think of these? Cool? Nah? Leave your thoughts in comments!


  1. I remember Ames when they took over my local Hills store.

  2. They didn't have Ames in my neck of the woods... but I have seen some of their oddball baseball issues over the years. As for Pacific Prism, I've had a love/hate relationship with the product for years. One day, I love them. The next day I don't.

  3. can't say i've ever heard of Ames...i do like the card designs, nice graphically (except for the font maybe?) especially when you think about what is designed these days...Pacific was kind of the archaic predecessor for a lot of the higher end stuff today.