Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Contest + Shipping Changes Ahead

As you can tell, I have stepped back recently with contests so I wanted to address why.

PWE shipping.

Over the past 5 years, I have mailed over 250 PWE's without one incident. Meaning, none were lost, none were damaged and all arrived happily to their recipients.

The past two weeks, two arrived damaged including this one of DROY with an obvious crease
Three were lost for two weeks and some recipients I could tell were not pleased. Not to mention, I have been paying extra money as well on EVERY envelope to make sure they are not machined so they wouldn't be damaged.

I don't know about you, but these look machined to me. Obviously, someone isn't reading the DO NOT BEND I write on it or the NON MACHINABLE that my post office writes on it.

I know I am mailing these cards out from my kindness, I would never mail them this way if I was selling or trading (unless trader knew ahead), but this is starting to bother me that they are not arriving the way they once were. Especially since I am paying extra.

So I am thinking it's time for a change with my contest shipping methods. This just means contest entry methods will change along with the amount of winners which will have to be less to make up for new shipping costs. How this will all lay out, I don't know quite yet. I am working on some ideas and hopefully will have them ready sooner rather than later.

So stay tuned for new contests ahead!


  1. Love your contest yet to win one yet, but my kids always enjoy the various cards you display and thank you for offering them. Hopefully they take care of the cards sent out in future Go Broncos and Go Angels

  2. I rarely send out PWEs and stuff like this is the reason why. It gets marked as non-machinable, yet goes through the machine anyway and gets ripped up and destroyed or they get lost. I've gotten to where I only send out bubble mailers when doing trades. Yes, the cost is a little extra but the fact it comes with tracking gives me peace of mind and I can make sure stuff gets to where it needs to be.

  3. Well, the Tony Parker relic I won from you recently showed up fine! (Thanks a lot!.. I'll post about it soon)

    But yeah, I try not to send relics via PWE since the "relic hole" kind of compromises the integrity of card, making it susceptible to creases like that when it's bent even slightly, whereas a typical card can take getting a little bent in the machines with no ill effects.

    More tips: Putting junk "buffer" cards on either side is one technique to try protecting the cards in a PWE. I also like to "fill" the envelope, as in 2 or 3 small stacks of cards. When you have just one "lump" in the middle of an envelope, you're asking for trouble.. More liable to rip or get caught in the sorting machines.

    My advice to you would be save relics for trades (and use a bubble mailer or rigid cardboard mailer), and use non-relic cards for contests so they'll be more likely to survive in a PWE.

  4. You have been very kind with your contests so I hope they continue. Even though you put in the rules that it's coming via pwe, I appreciate that you care for the condition of the prizes. I agree with the junk buffer cards suggestion.