Thursday, February 23, 2017

Collectin' Griffey:2010 Upper Deck

My Ken Griffey Jr segment makes it's return and this time will showcase some cards I got from the Junior Junkie's Griffey Generosity Project. Today's card I was surprisingly missing even though I busted at least 3 hobby boxes of this stuff back in 2010. Not like this card was an Sp or anything.

It was also possibly the last time we will ever see Upper Deck in baseball card form. It to me was a bit of a sad ending for a company that made the most iconic Griffey cards cause they weren't allowed to use MLB logos since they weren't licensed by them and only by MLBPA.

Even though some images slipped showing some logos causing a stir of trouble. No need to dwell on that however as I want to think as positive as I can of the product.

I think the design for 2010 was as solid as past UD designs showing little border and full of action. Something Upper Deck always strived for.
Thoughts on today's card are welcomed in comments!

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  1. I too miss Upper Deck. I would rather see the obscured logo than the pajamas they suddenly wear for Panini.