Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hobby Topic:2016 Football Card Season

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2016 Football Card Season With One Manufacturer
Now that football season is over and year one of only one football card manufacturer is in the books, how do you think it went? Are you happy with only one? Did Panini live up to expectations for the Year One? What would you like to see going forward from them?

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  1. I miss Topps football...a lot. Panini put out a lot of filler product this year. In my opinion, a lot of it was over priced too.

    The rookie crop drives the new football card market and Panini lucked out with Dak and Zeke mania. It drove the prices up and gave people a reason to buy the weekly filler product releases.

    I would just like to see less products from Panini next year.

  2. Seemed to me to be two retro/old school products in Donruss and Classics (that I liked) and twelve other products with grandiose names that all focused on the high end hits that you'll never really actually pull from a box. Those I ignored.
    But since I hadn't collected a set from anyone since 2014 because I didn't like the designs or couldn't read the microscopic print on each card, I can't say it would have been a whole lot better with Topps still in the mix.

  3. Definitely still collected heavily this season, but there were products I largely ignored, too. I agree with the above comment about products with grandiose names, but little substance. Donruss and Classics fill a good niche for old school collectors, and I'm glad Score football continues. There are far too many upper-mid to high-end products, though. These are released at inflated prices and quickly drop after about a month, leaving little incentive to get the latest stuff right off the bat. A couple I did enjoy (but still waited for prices to come down!) were Clear Vision and Unparalleled. Also, I'm still a huge fan of Black Gold. Just stands out to me as a product very distinctive from all the others.
    As far as lacking other products - I still miss Upper Deck more than Topps, though I really liked the all on-card format of Five Star.

  4. 2016 football card season is far from over, check back after NT :)

  5. I too agree that Panini has seemed to be a little overpriced; there were too many low-end products masquerading as mid-end. I would have no problem paying a little more for a mid-end product, but sets Contenders apart from Score, other than the price? I miss the cheap Topps flagship, which always has just seemed to be better than Score. I loved the design of Absolute and Contenders, but I hate the 100 card base sets with little to no chance to pull any kind of rookie. The revival of Playoff may have been my favorite product of the year. I could do without Panini (the product) and Donruss, though Optic was good approximation of Chrome. Now that I'm in the middle of my rambling, I'm finding that I also agree with the above comment that there were too many "filler" products. But honestly, this has always plagued Panini. The company needs an identity, a flagship of sorts, and then it can build its mid to high end product around a central product.

  6. Not a fan of the one brand. Panini seemed to just throw a dozen brands out there and there really isn't a difference between them. Sure some are more shiny or die cut, but really there's no difference. If they put out a basic set with full stats on the back (instead of a big logo), I'm in.