Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sets Of My Childood THE SERIES Part 14:1995 Score Red Siege Parallel

Sets Of My Childhood THE SERIES is a spinoff from just a wantlist. I decided not only would I make a want list of each of the sets I am chasing in a tab, but I thought a little breakdown and feature may help get me more set help. I am sure many of the sets I am seeking are nickel and dime type of cards so I am hoping my trader friends can be on the lookout for any I don't have.

We take a look back to 1995 at the Red Siege parallel from Score. It's simply just the base Score cards, which I liked by the way, and tossed with red foil over the top with the words Red Siege on the back. Pretty simple, but I likey!

Falling only at 1:3 packs, this parallel set makes an already good looking base set even better. I have never once thought about pulling together a base set, but I think this one may be affordable enough to do so. However, I have only 6 of the 275 card set so please check those nickel and dime bins for me!!

My current haves are,
24,137,176,249, 219,273,

How many of you remember or collected these? 

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