Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Box Review! Panini Prestige 2010-2011 Basketball Birthday Blaster Boxes!

My Birthday box review!! I didn't get a hobby box, but did get a couple of these from a relative to bust! The first part new way to review will start with the outside. I like cards from the outside in. So in order for me to feel like I did a good job with a review, I am going to start doing it that way. Because sometimes, I do judge a box by its cover.

A full Box review of Prestige Basketball 2010-2011:

Box: I like the design of the box. It matches its cards. I will say one negative thing, I didn't know the box came with a jersey or autograph card. And sometimes when I buy blasters, I buy them for that purpose. This one didn't have it listed anywhere on the front where the store stocks it that way. The words were hidden on the side. If it wasn't for my love of Prestige and it was another brand, I might have ignored it without a hit. Other than that, a nice box with the top pick of the draft as the lure in. If Panini had known ahead of time, I am sure that Mr. Lin would have been on the cover as well.

$$$ out of 5

Wrapper: I like companies that match the wrapper with the box front.

$$$ out of 5

Base Card: Love the clean crisp design! Great stats and write up on the back as well!

John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird are just some of the Legends!
Adding Legends to the base card set is a nice twist as well.

Thought we did well, getting John Wall, Evan Turner and Paul George as our best rookies. 8 rookies per blaster. So we got 16 overall! But did not get Linsane!
The rookies have 2 cards of each player. Makes the set challenging, but fun!

$$$ out of 5

Inserts: Some parallels of the base cards to be found.We got a light blue draft pick of  Erik Bledsoe. The Hardcourt Heroes looks great from the angle the picture was taken at. Right at the rim. Doesn't get any better. The Prestigous Pros...look great. Shiny and numbered. A nice pop!

$$$$ out of 5

Memorabilia: We got one of these per blaster. Nice touch to add the jersey piece to the already nice shiny looking Prestigious Pro's.

 $$$$ out of 5

Autographs: N/A

Overall: A lot to be found in one of these blasters. Makes the $20 you spend well worth it. With 8 rookies and a jersey or autograph guaranteed. You cannot go wrong!

$$$$ out of 5

Let us know what you think of our new box break system!!


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  2. I agree. Those prestigious pros are cool.

  3. I've bought my son a bunch of these packs from walmart. Always really nice looking cards.