Sunday, April 5, 2015

Review: Graded Greats Baseball Series 1

Intrigue. It's the first word that comes to mind when a NEW hobby idea or product is released. You want to be one of the first to give it a try and let others know whether to or not to give it a try. Pop in a interesting new concept called Graded Greats and call me intrigued.

My box of Graded Greats arrived yesterday and was packaged extremely nice. This was the box it arrived in.

On top of the box was the limited amount of boxes that were made. There were only a total of 100 boxes of Series 1 made. I believe Series 2 will have 200.

In each box of Graded Greats, you get 3 graded cards and 1 subset. Subsets can range from a few options from older packs to special cards. Each box will cost you $59.00.

After carefully taking off the top of the box, this is what you find inside. Each item in the box comes carefully packed in a velvet bag. I really like this as it protects the cases from being scratched during shipping. We all know how rough USPS can be with packages.

Now that I have broken down the product and packaging, now onto the goods!

All cards in Graded Greats are in their words, " true vintage items, none of the overrun products of the late 80s." This stood true for my box.

Card number one takes us back to 1972 and to Twins great Harmon Killibrew graded by Beckett. Classic card and design.

Up next, we move up a few years to a 1975 Topps Mini Willie Stargell graded by PSA. This is one of my favorite classic Topps designs.

And finally, we have settled down in 1976 with a Topps George Brett graded by PSA. I liked adding this card as I don't have many cards of Brett.

In the 4th velvet bag, I found two top notch packs. These were not only packed in the velvet bag, but were protected by a team bag each. I haven't decided whether I will open them yet or not. The aspect of actually owning these unopened is awesome, but, curiosity of what could be hidden within could get the best of me. Time can only tell. I will share on here if I decide to open.

Overall, if you truly appreciate cardboard like I do, you will really like this product as I did. I know this won't be for everyone as a lot of collectors are all about the hits, but if you really like vintage and owning a piece of cardboard history, this is something you will enjoy. Also, I must throw in that their customer service is second to none!

Just to let you also know just because my box contained three graded cards from the 70's, the years of the graded cards vary. I saw another break yesterday with a guy pulled a card from 1954 of Bobby Thompson. So you just never know what will be hidden within.

Series 1 of this product is sadly sold out, however, they are currently taking orders HERE for Series 2 and that sounds like it is coming even more packed with one HOF graded rookie per box along with everything else it offers. Hopefully I can get my hands onto one of those as well to share with you guys so you can see what it offers.


  1. You have more willpower than I do with the unopened packs. I bought 4 packs of the '89 UD a few weeks ago...I couldn't even wait long enough to get my change before I ripped them.

  2. Interesting product. You pulled one of the key hits. Your Stargell is on their website banner.

  3. I'm with Fuji -- that is an interesting product. I'm not sure I'd buy it since the grading of cards isn't big for me at this point. But, it's definitely something different!