Saturday, April 4, 2015

Grady M. Mail Day Part 2: The Shiny Stuff

In Part 1, I showed you INSERT MADNESS! Not that I don't consider Part 2 more insert madness, but there is just something about "shiny stuff" that I must separate it. I mean, it's shiny. I react to shiny things like the dog in Up reacts to squirrels.

SHINY! Yup, my head just whipped around.

So here they are. I know my mind is focused on staring at these in which I suspect you are as well.

The Holliday is actually my first newer Finest card and it's a sick looking numbered refractor!


Never have seen one of these's a beautiful card

Now onto some Prizm. I know a lot have a love/hate relationship with this product, many who dislike the product try to compare it to Chrome too much and this is not that, but I am a fan. I really like how Panini did the parallels.



Great stuff overall. Fit many PC's adds all in one box.

A big thanks goes out to Grady M for another amazing mail day. Don't worry buddy, been setting some stuff aside for you as well so in the future you need to be on the lookout!

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