Thursday, April 2, 2015

PC Masterpiece:1995 Score Summit Dave Brown

In what I am considering the finale of this segment, I thought I would go out with a small boom. Boom? You question. It's a Dave Brown base card. Huh? Well, First, I loved this product from the 90's. Two, it's a NY Giant and no matter how good or how bad they are, I still bleed blue. Three, I can caption this and nothing is more fun than that.

Now onto the Captions!

"You wonder where the 'Eli Face' started"
"Dave threw another interception"
"Oh man, can't believe mom just saw that play"
"This helmet is waaaaaaayy to small"

Well, that is it for captions and this segment. It's not that I don't have more PC cards to show off in this segment, but it seems this segment is one of my least popular ones. So it's time to move on. But, you never know down the road I may decide to bring it back.

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