Thursday, April 30, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Sage Hit Low Series Blaster Box

So far I have had a really slow-go of things in terms of 2015 football cards. Up til now I hadn't picked up any. That's right, ANY!

I had to end that horrid streak and add some of these rookies to my collection. My first rip of the 2015 football card season, Sage Hit. It's always the first rip of the new football card season. So what would make 2015 any different?

This years Sage Hit retail is loaded! Four autographs. Yes, FOUR autographs for a retail product. Try to tell me another product you can get four autographs in for $20. You can't.

In every blaster box of 2015 Sage Hit, are 12 packs with 4 cards per pack. You also get 4 autographs and each blaster is $20.

The design this year is a bit different as well. Think Topps Heritage. It has that throwback feel and literally feel to them. No more of the high gloss that we are used to. I think it's a nice switch and that the base cards look good for an unlicensed product.

Back of base card

Inserts. Even these look great I think. These seem to fall 1:3 packs.

Now onto the autographs. I didn't it anybody big but I guess anyone can be anyone since the season hasn't started yet. There could be Pro Bowl player hidden here. The design isn't bad either.

Overall, despite my lack of big hits, I have seen blasters with Jameis Winston. The big time players are out there to be found.I think you find plenty of value in every blaster. Well worth the buy.

So to sum this up, I think Sage listened to my opinion, well I like to think so, on cutting down on the base card overage in a box and by adding a bit more value by adding an extra autograph. There are only two more things I would like to see. I would like to see some parallels/inserts and I would like to see the autographs PACKED IN THE PACKS and not separate. Having the autos packed separately takes away a bit of the fun. Just a few more tweaks a

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