Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My First Dave Brown Autograph

Was he one of the greatest Giants quarterbacks, no, not by a long shot. Did I need his autograph still? Absolutely.

Dave Brown QB'd the NY Giants from 92-97 with many awful performances and seasons. His best was probably 1994 when he went on to claim the starting QB position leading them to a winning record. It only went down from there.He was a much better College QB at Duke than he was a QB in the NFL, but to me, once a Giant, always a Giant no matter what.

I was searching for more 1990's card adds when I stumbled on this card for $1.99. I couldn't say no. I really liked these autographs in the 90's, however you had to make sure to store them correctly from the sunlight or the auto would fade, and it being a Giant made the card more desirable. I also didn't have a Dave Brown auto yet either so that helped. This to me covered to PC areas in 90's cards and Giants.

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  1. Pinnacle Inscriptions are beautiful. I have the Favre and absolutely love the combination of an on-card autograph and acetate. Congratulations on the purchase.