Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: 2014 Panini Country Music

First off, I must admit, I am not a fan of Country Music. Just not. But, when Panini announced they were producing Country Music cards, that was a different story. Cards are cards and when they are unique and signed by famous singers, you immediately catch my attention. No matter the music.

In every box of 2014 Panini Country Music, there are 4 packs with 8 cards per pack.You can also find four hits and 2 numbered cards per box. Each box will run you roughly $85.

The base card design is as clear as it gets. It showcases each singer. There are also a couple of subsets as well such as Fresh Faces.

I pulled two low numbered silver parallels numbered to 49. Both are of Fresh Faces or what they must consider "rookies'

Other inserts include Top Of The Charts, I got one of the better ones on the checklist with Sara Evans

and Backstage Pass. I really liked the design of both of these as it fits the theme they were going for with the insert titles

I am a fan of the design of these memorabilia cards. Well balanced design with hint of elegance. Well done.

This McCreery swatch is pretty unique.

On average you get two memorabilia and two autographs per box. Not sure if both autographs will be like this....(there are some big names such as Lambert, Monroe, Green, Wynonna, Joe Diffie, Kimberly Perry, Heidi Newfield, Chris Young, Ronnie Milsap, Randy Owen)

Or if you may get a Combo Signatures. that I didn't. but includes featured bands and collaborations such as Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square, Big & Rich, Brantley Gilbert/Colt Ford, Gretchen Wilson/Terri Clark, Pat Green/Chuck Wicks and more.

Or if your box will have some BOOM like mine did with a legendary authentic material autograph silhouette.
This is one awesome card. Even more so up close

Panini Country Music was fun to open even for a non-country music fan. My wife rather enjoyed the product as well. The checklist is deep with many big named stars signatures to find but there are many left off such as Reba, George Straight, and Keith Urban among others. Maybe Panini will put out another series or two of these to cover more of these singers.

The designs are nice in the product and if you are a fan of Country Music, music history or celebrity autographs, you need to boot skoot boogy your way and get yourself a box. I know you will enjoy it.


  1. Nice cards, I was curious what the cards looked like. I listen to country, but not sure if I wanted to get any cards. I love the concept of music cards, but the price is a bit steep for me. Sara Evans went to a rival high school of mine, and David Nail is a Mizzou product, so if I got this box, I'd be very happy.

    Nice Ronnie Milsap too. Looks like you did a great job on this box.

  2. Cool product. I didn't like country for the first thirty-something years of my life. Then I met a girl who loved country more than she loved me ;) Anyways... she taught me to appreciate it. One of the first people I enjoyed listening to was Sara Evans.

  3. Great review. I like the non-sport cards and was wondering about these specifically. I think I'll look for some of these for myself. Thanks.