Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Wes Wing Episode 6

The Wes Wing is always full of surprises when you really dive in. Sometimes cards are not the only thing you find and sometimes cards are hidden within the walls of other items.

That's one thing you will always need to do, is be aware The Wes Wing is always going to jump out and shock you with something.

Pins, coins and caps. These are things I don't have in my collection but am now going to thoroughly enjoy.

This should be a good read, just by it's cover.

I have a few of these Madden Mcdonald's toys, but not my Gmen. This is top shelf item combining two of my favorite things. If there was a card to go with it as well,that's called heaven.

Topps oversized cards. Love the embossing.

Moses Malone vintage. Wes has been helping me big time with my weak vintage.

Julius Erving!

This is pretty cool. Didn't have this before. I am going to keep it sealed as well.

The Wes Wing has even more graded vintage within,

All vintage graded cards locked with a key in The Wes Wing.

JPP rookie autograph. If only the Giants had actually kept him after his decent year in Tampa Bay.

New Gmen including two Jeremy Shockey rookies.

Just found a dust Webb in The West Wing.

Emmitt insert I can never get tired of.

Two more of the inserts I spoke about building the set of.

Only two more cards, well at least gallery of, to show off for this final visit into The Wes Wing but before it comes to an end....

Gotta seal it off with a Kiss (my first one and want list item checked off!)

And one long fist pump as we shut the door.

Thanks for taking a trip with me into The Wes Wing. We are not fully done with seeing cards from The Wes Wing as many more will be seen in the near future in a different form.

A Ginormo-humungo-over the top-over the rainbow-skipping in the rain-dancing in the streets-back flipping-side stepping-dabbing-thank you to Wes for giving me cards for The Wes Wing. Your generosity is uncanny and like I have said before only drives me to be better at it.

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