Monday, June 14, 2021

Instant Impressions

We all make an impression on someone else. Sometimes those impressions can take awhile to build or be instant.

When I make a card trade with someone new on Twitter, I like to get an impression of them first before I go through with it. 

First, I will check out their timeline and see what kind of stuff they tweet about. Is it political? Are they a straight up flipper? Do they have mutual followers? Have they made past trades where I can see how it went? Where they live (this helps because I don't ship outside the U.S.) and their interactions in general on the hobby. I want to make sure I feel good before I fully proceed with someone.

Sometimes, I will back out before it starts if I see something I don't feel good about. Other times they will give me a bad vibe such as not communicating in a timely manner or responding at all after requesting a trade or they will have me spend three hours digging out trade bait and end up selling the card before I have the chance to make an offer on a trade. This one just happened recently and the impression I am left by them is that I will never try a trade with them again no matter the card they are offering.

It didn't take me long to get a good instant impression from my latest new trader in @RyansTrading who posted a bunch of solid trade bait on my Tuesday Twitter trading thread. I listed a bunch of cards I was into and there a trade was born.

A big piece of the trade, literally a big piece, was this Instant Impressions real Hand Print and autograph piece by Panini above.
Even though the piece isn't NY Giants, it still fits into my unique PC.

I have always wanted one of these handprint autographs and now I can finally cross it off. However, I would love to acquire a Giants one.

The handpiece though wasn't the only piece of the trade.

I was able to add two more Kenny Golladay autographs to my collection before he jump starts his career again with the Giants this fall. This gives five autographs of his now. It's really odd to see how much his signature has changed over time especially compared to the three I have already.

Before the football season begins, I will post an overall picture of my Kenny Golladay PC.

The next card in the trade is my first Tiki Barber rookie auto and only my third autograph of his overall.

The final card in the trade was a dual autograph of Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith. Steve Smith made the biggest play in Super Bowl 42 that wasn't the helmet catch by moving the chains on a crucial third down.

and the last card is my first Victor Cruz autograph rookie card. I have other Cruz autographs, but this one marks the first rookie one.

Thanks again to @RyansTrading for the trade. You made a great impression with this trade and hopefully I did as well.


  1. Three hours digging out cards... and the person ends up selling the card? Ouch. Sorry to hear that.

  2. That handprint is really different. I'd say something like "What'll they think of next?", but I'm afraid to ask :)

    1. I would be to...jockstrap relics...feet imprints...chest hair...

      But honestly, the handprint is really cool.