Monday, June 28, 2021

Eli Is King

Eli Manning is becoming my second biggest player collection I have and I am not complaining.

With well over 700 cards now, Eli is still a far distant cry from Ken Griffey Jr's over 1,000, but will own sole possession of second soon with today's cards and more on the way soon.

Despite all of my passion for Rodney, Eli is my true blue heart of Giants football.

I didn't know much about the Ole Miss QB when he came out in the 2004 draft other than the fact he was Peyton's brother and what a shadow to live in. Expectations were and the Giants traded for Eli on draft day sending picks and Phillip Rivers who they drafted to San Diego for Eli.

I may have had my complaints about Eli. The turnovers, the fall on the ground take sacks.

But I was glad he was their Signal Caller

Their Captain

And Leader.

He was a Hero from living in the shadows of his big brother

To leading his team to two Super Bowl championships. Two memorable games that are forever embedded in my heart.

He is also out-of-this-world person working hand to hand with March Of Dimes and winning a Walter Payton Man Of The Year award.

Not to mention his comedic Brilliance in his commercials and TV spots. Just recently he made a joking reference to how Tom Brady couldn't beat the Giants in the Super Bowl and has been referred to many times as Tom Brady's father.

Eli is the true Giants blue and will forever be the face of the NY Giants for all that he has done on and off the field.

And to make that even more-so, about a week ago Eli signed on the dotted line and returned to the Giants in a front office position to help staff in the business development, marketing, and community and corporate relations areas. I also wouldn't be surprise if he didn't make a couple visits with Daniel Jones to help his progression.

This is why Eli will always be the Mann in my collection.

Thanks to @90sNicheFBCard for the trade and the new Eli acquisitions. 


  1. That 2008 Topps Gold card of him is really cool.

    1. Yes it is. I liked when topps did parallels like this

  2. That blue Prizm sure is sexy!