Saturday, September 17, 2022

Autograph Card Of The Week:2010 Panini Contenders Tim Tebow

When does collecting too much become too much?

I have a list of PC's longer than I can list on here. Especially when it comes to also explaining why I collect each of the subjects.

For me, today's player is pretty simple. Tim Tebow is a good person, a great college football player, someone who didn't give up on his dream of playing pro sports, and a devoted Christian.

If there is anyone that I think I should look up to, this would be the guy.

So, that is why there is a side Tebow PC. I don't have a lot of cards in that collection, but some decent ones. None better than today's addition from my trade with Shane.

One of Tim's best cards is his 2010 Panini Contenders rookie autograph. It's not one I ever expected to own, but when talking to Shane about our latest trade, to my surprise, he actually owned one.

So, we did a trade and now it's mine.

Here is the card back. Bland like the typical Panini hit card back.

Thanks to Shane for this addition.

Thoughts on Tim Tebow, this card and how many side PC's you have welcomed in comments.


  1. Pretty cool addition to your collection.

    I got to see Tebow play baseball with the Scottsdale Scorpions in the Arizona Fall League once. I was hoping that he would eventually get a cup of coffee with the Mets at some point in the big leagues.

    As for side collections I have been known to pick up cheap non-sport sets that interest me and then put them in binders. I don't worry about the inserts, just enjoy the base sets.

  2. I like Tebow. If I ever came across an affordable copy of this card, I'd grab it. As for side collections... I have a ton too.

  3. I prefer collecting Tebow's baseball cards, but that was a nice auto. As for collecting, my side pc's have side pc's 😅