Monday, September 12, 2022

We Were Titans

We FINALLY did it.

We played a close game and won it.

Not to mention, we are above .500 for the first time in 6 years.

It was a long time coming for my NY Giants. Us, as fans NEEDED that win and that kind of win to prove us that the culture change wasn't just words being spoken. That those words were actually being put into motion.

The 21-20 win over the Tennessee Titans was huge for Giants players and Giants fans and kept us on edge throughout. Coming back from a sloppy first half down by 13, to taking a gamble on a late 2-point conversion when you could have simply kicked the extra point for a tie and possibly overtime, to the defense allowing the Titans to drive into field goal range only to miss it, it was like a Hollywood movie ending for the NY Giants.

I can't remember the last time I had a smile after a NY Giants football game.

On top of this, after a rough couple of seasons for Saquon Barkley, yesterday he looked like his rookie year self, tearing up Titans defense for 164 rush yards,1 touchdown and the key two-point conversion where he made two defenders miss. He carried the entire offense and team to victory. Basically, did the same for my Fantasy football team as well.

In honor of his performance, I thought I would post my Top 10 favorite non-hit cards I have of him.
1. Panini Instant "Barkley Caps Historic Rookie Season" card. Love the photograph on this one.

2. One of the most iconic plays for Saquon with the Legend Eli Manning watching in the background.

3. 2018 Prizm rookie card. The best non-autograph rookie card he has.

4.2019 Prestige Highlight Reel. This is the same photo from the Dallas game above, just at a different angle.

5. It's blue, he is all alone in the end zone, great photo again.

6. Shiny.

7. The face says it all on this one.

8. Throwback Zenith 1997 Zenith base card design, what isn't to like about this card?

9. Saquon always has his eye on the defense. He made sure yesterday to the Titans defenders were on his radar.

10. Zenith Z-Team. Anyone who collected Zenith knows how cool these cards actually are.

With those now being posted, I hope Saquon can continue to build off from his success yesterday. The Giants have their first home game of the season coming up this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Could the G-Men go 2-0? Fall flat at home? Will Saquon continue to build off last week? So many questions and the answers will be coming up in 6 days and I can't wait.


  1. Yep, Saquon brought me a fantasy win week 1 too! Unfortunately, me being so focused on Baseball means I have been left out in the cold when it comes to his RCs, so thanks for showing a few.

  2. Watching that final kick by the Titans was nerve wracking. Glad the G-Men could hold on for a sweet road win. Hopefully Barkley will have more games like this too. As for the cards I'm right there with you on the Zenith

  3. That was a surprisingly fun game, considering how bad they looked early on. I'll be cautiously optimistic, but they showed a lot of heart. Hopefully Saquon can finally show he's for real.