Sunday, September 18, 2022

Rodney's Cardboard:1992 Action Packed Mint Parallel

Welcome back for a NEW Rodney's Cardboard to also celebrate another NFL full Sunday slate of games.

Today, the Giants have their home opener against the Carolina Panthers. I am cautiously optimistic as I am sure all of us Giants fans are.

*fingers crossed*

For today's Rodney's Cardboard I am showing off a pretty unique and rare card I never thought I would see. It isn't easy to find new Rodney's anymore but occasionally, once every few months, there is a new one that pops up.

Which is why I didn't ever expect to see this one.
This is a 1992 Action Packed Mint Parallel. The card is the base card, but completely covered in gold foil.

The back of the card is also covered in the gold foil, besides the picture of Rodney, and the card is numbered 138/500. I have personally never seen one of these and can only imagine how hard a card numbered to 500 is actually to find in the early 90's.

Thanks to my buddy Shane for helping me acquire this big need.

Thoughts on today's latest Rodney, if you have seen or owned one of these and what early 90's card are you still chasing welcomed in comments.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, GO GIANTS!

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