Monday, September 19, 2022

Dennis Makes My Weekend

Most of us on Monday mornings are dealing with the Monday morning drag, but, not me today. I am on a high as the NY Football Giants are starting the season 2-0 for the first time in 6 years!!

Am I expecting this to be a Super Bowl team? Not even close. Do I expect a playoff run? No, not really. Will there be a bright future, yes, I believe there will finally be one.

Not only am I on a high from the big win but getting a mail day from Too Many Verlanders also helps.

Dennis once again somehow knew what to send without hitting me with too many duplicates.

Actually, the only duplicate was this Phil Simms.

Which is beyond impressive since I have 6500+ Giants cards.
Sending numbered ones like Ron Dayne is always helpful. Hard to get dupes when you send numbered cards.

Same thing for this Andre Woodson. Who is also a reminder of all of the QB's the Giants went through for backups.

Ramses Barden is not numbered, but I also didn't have it.

Joe is not only numbered, but this card also has a great photo. That's what I call a double win.

New Manningham Relics!

Flame die cuts, yes please!

Dennis had this one up for grabs in his trade bait post, I don't ever turn down a shiny 90's insert. Doesn't matter the player.

With 2021 Prizm being impossible to find, I will take any parallels of the Giants I can get. Sadly, I don't have this base card of Jones yet.

And the biggest surprise of this package was a card I have been wanting for some time and have been meaning to add to my Top Want List on here....
Dynamic Duos!! How cool is this card?? I have really been into the superhero/sport crossovers.

These cards were produced in 2001 and were numbered to 1499.

I spotted this card window shopping on eBay last year but forgot to add it to my want list.

Thanks again for the mail day Dennis. I am working on yours still and a few others I am hoping to get all out by Christmas.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.

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  1. Well I was curious to see which card you were so jazzed about. What's hilarious is that it was one of a bunch of the numbered Giants I happily picked out of the quarter box, so that makes finding that for you even more fun! It really is a cool insert--as superhero-themed cards often are--and typical of Pacific's creativity back then.