Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Way to Earn Points For Sport Card Collectors Player Of The Day!

Alright, as we all can see...2 are pulling away from the pack. Speaking of pulling a pack...this is how you can gain more points! Take a picture of yourself with a purchase of ANY Panini product meaning stickers, cards from ANY SPORT, ANY YEAR, and packs, rack packs, mark downs, retail, hobby whatever!! We will also post pics of you with your purchase on this link.

Once again, with more participation in this part of the bonus points and especially in this one:

Means more prizes to the top 3 players or more for first place. Like we said, that will be decided later and it depends on the participation.

The link above is where you can earn 50-100 points easily just by going to your local or a nearby LCS that is part of the Panini Player Of The Day promo and participating in it there. Click link to find out how to gain the points. And yes, we have UPPED the points since yesterday to make it more tempting for you guys to try out that part of the promo since that is what this is all about.

This is how the points will break down for this part of gaining bonus points:

5 points for packs (at least 2) whether retail or hobby (stickers included) per day

10 points for a pic of you with your favorite Panini card per day

15 points per blaster box per day

Remember this doesn't matter on the years or the sports even though football is preferred.

Hopefully this will help narrow down the points lead and give the top dogs a run for their money. Of course the leaders can also gain points this way as well so get out there after work, school and pick up some Panini cards today! This promo still has at least 4-6 weeks left so there is PLENTY of time to catch up!


  1. For example, if I take a picture of me with my Dirk Nowitzki Panini card, does that count?


    1. As long as its Panini, we will count it! Even though this promotion is supposed to be football based..we will give you points for your other Panini cards as well we figure. So yes, it will count!