Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1991 Upper Deck Football High Series Pack

Oh, 1991. The year that one of the greatest QB's in NFL history came into the league and also a year I chose to break a pack of football cards from. Now, Brett Favre wouldn't be found in this break as he was only in the Low Series. However, the High Series provided chances at some great rookies such as Jake Reed and Aeneas Williams.

Let's take a look at what the product looked like and how I did in this break.

In each pack of 1991 Upper Deck football High Series came 12 cards. The base cards had the amazing world known Upper Deck photography and a small border around the outside of the card.

Let's take a look:

Two Cowboy greats right here

The dirty bird Deion Sanders and new Giants PC pickup in Everson Walls.

My rookie in the pack. Nobody big, but it's still a rookie card. One thing I miss about rookie cards like this was players in their college uni's being in NFL products. Feels much more realistic than photo shopped or rookie premier photos.

And my insert. A Joe Namath Football Heroes card. You gotta appreciate a card that showcases that kind of mustache.
Overall, I pulled a new PC card, some great photography and finished it up with an insert. I would call this a pretty decent break.


  1. I remember opening a box of this as a kid!

  2. Totally agree about the college action photos instead of cheeseball rookie premiere poses!