Sunday, January 18, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Panini Hot Rookies Football Hobby Box

After falling in love with the first box of Hot Rookies I busted, I had to go back for more. What I didn't realize was that my first box of Hot Rookies was a HOT BOX so it came packed with goodies. This one not so much, but I am still a fan and will probably give it another chance for the price it's going for.

Panini Hot Rookies 2014 has a interesting opening experience. First off there are 4 packs per box. Each pack has a different amount of cards and what type of cards are in it. Here is the breakdown:
  • 32 cards per pack #1
  • 10 cards per pack #2
  • 5 cards per pack #3
  • 3 cards per pack #4
Pack #1: Hot Rookies Base Cards
  • Pack #1 contains 32 cards from the extensive 330-card base set including 2 or 3 cards numbered to 99 or less in every pack
Pack #2: Rookies
  • Pack #2 contains10 rookies from the highly touted 2014 draft class including at least one rookie card numbered to 99 or less in every pack.
Pack #3: Inserts
  • Pack #3 has 5 inserts including one autographed memorabilia card.
Pack #4: Autographs
  • Pack #4 features 3 autographed cards
This not only made it fun being able to save the hits for last, but made me look forward to opening every pack.

Right now you can find most boxes of Hot Rookies priced under $50 which is a STEAL by my standards. Like I said, this box wasn't as good as box one, but I still am a fan.

The base cards are just the same cards as Score. The difference is, is the impressive look of the rainbow foil on them that make them look outstanding.

Card back:

Rookies from my pack:

Hot Rookies! These guys are even more impressive and HOT in Rainbow Foil!

Inserts. Much better in Hot Rookies than Score. Same goes from when something in Topps looks better in Chrome.

Parallels. Great players.

A little boom! End Zone parallel numbered to 6! If only it was a better player.

Now onto the hits..nothing special here. That cursed Tahj Boyd keeps showing up.

I like the Franchise Fabric auto jersey cards in this product. Most of them are players you don't see everyday which makes it fun. However, it takes away some value.
Overall, not a horrible break for the price. What other products look nice, gives you four hits and you can find under $50. I bet not many.


  1. I got a Kelvin Benjamin numbered to /6 in my box of this product. Non auto, but what a great card. I agree with you, great box for the price!

  2. I enjoy the product in regards to the difference in each pack that you open. I have a nice little Lavonte David collection going if you want to move it.

  3. These look like a lot of fun to break. I love the pack format. Need to pick up a box of these as soon as I have a couple bucks!