Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mail Day From @APetrelak

It's that time again, time for another @APetrelak contest mail day.

I have lost the amount of times I have won his Twitter contests now as I seem to be a decent guesser, but it seems enough since he automatically knows when I win what team to send me.

So here is this contest round of winnings. More NY Rangers for my PC. A few NY Giants peeked in as well.

The mail day started off with some Rangers. There is just something about the ST. Louis card in this first picture. It really makes you appreciate Upper Deck's photography.

A couple NYG including Tiki!

A few bonus cards...

And then a sweet numbered Chris Kreider parallel numbered to 599!

The nice mail day is then finished off with a nice looking Henrik Lundqvist insert.
I enjoyed this mail day and surprisingly only had one of these cards so plenty of new ones to be added to my PC.

Thanks again to @APetrelak for the cards. Go give him a follow on Twitter if you haven't yet for contests and hobby discussions.