Monday, December 21, 2015

The Junior Junkie Prize Attack!

Awhile back I won a contest from The Junior Junkie, one of the biggest Ken Griffey Jr collectors around, and today arrived my prize package from him with who else...Ken Griffey Jr.

Now my collection nowhere near touches what he has in numbers or in special cards. Just check out his blog HERE. For those of you familiar with him and his massive collection, you already know what I am talking about.

My prize pack from him contained 30 Griffey's in which 10 were new to my PC. Pretty good number to me.

Let's show the goods off now shall we?

UC3 always looks cool.  Some other great Upper Deck ones here too.

Some 90's goodness in here Brings me back to the good days.
Pinnacle. They put out some impressive products. If only Panini could match these types of Pinnacle releases now that they own the rights.
A beautiful new addition here. I really like the design but just look at who made it. There wasn't much they didn't do right. The hobby needs Upper Deck right now.

An oddball that I didn't have.
Another cool addition that I didn't have. Actually I believe this is my first Griffey promo card.
And believe it or not, this one was the icing on the cake from the lot. Not many in today's collecting world would say that about a simple base card. But there is just something about this card that catches me. It could be the older lady. It could be the hat she is wearing. It could be the photo, the pose. Maybe all of that. I can't explain it. All I can say is that it's another Upper Deck card done right.

And speaking of cards done right, The Junior Junkie card was the finishing touch on the mail day. I am actually adding this to my Griffey PC
A big thanks goes out to The Junior Junkie on this great prize mail day. I really appreciate it buddy and thanks for helping me in my #MissionGriffey.

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