Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nuttin But The Hits:2015 Certified Football Hobby Box (Nice Box)

2015 Certified wronged me the first time as I hit a really poor box, this time however, it treated me much better.

There are 10 packs per box of Certified and boxes are still running roughly $70. There are 4 hits per box and some colorful parallel treats sprinkled in as well.
Some numbered parallels here. Hit some solid players too.

Inserts with Mariota and a numbered Fitz.

And even landed a Mirror Gold of Marcus Allen /50.

Hits. This Greyson guy keeps stalking me.

Twice in this box. This one however is /25.

Nice three-color patch auto of David Johnson. Great design, layout and player. He could be a beast next season.

And if the rest of the box wasn't enough, a sick 4-color patch of Devante Parker numbered 10/10
 A much better box break of Certified this time around. Lot's of color, sweet patches and decent players.

Thoughts on Certified or my box break?

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