Thursday, July 14, 2016

Forgotten Places:Ichiro

This is probably one of the only times a forgotten place is one the player currently plays on.

But when we all think Ichiro, don't tell me you don't picture this....

Even as a Yankees fan I picture him in Seattle first before NY.

It's a place he played for from 2001-2012 and where he put up some incredible numbers. Then he came to NY for three years and sorta got put on the back burner, but since it was NY, you still knew his name. Now he sits in Miami where you barely hear a word about him unless the 3,000 hit talk happens.
I sometimes forget he is still in the league or even plays for them til I stumble upon a card. And even then I am like, "he plays for the Marlins???"
I am sure most of you don't feel this way but that's how I feel. Miami has been a forgotten place for many players (except a few) and as a collector I was hoping he would head back to Seattle to end his career and maybe get his 3,000th hit for them.
What do you guys think? Ichrio+Marlins? Do you agree it has been a forgotten place?


  1. I agree that Miami is sort of a forgotten place for most players. Montreal used to be like that too. You'd hear of someone getting traded to Montreal and they were never heard from again.

  2. Agreed - the Marlins are a dead zone when it comes to interest. Even Giancarlo Stanton tends to get overlooked and he's one of the most exciting young players in the game. Ichiro will always be a Mariner in my mind.

  3. Agreed. Bobby Orr - Blackhawks, Joe Namath - Rams, Favre - Jets, Jordan - Wizards and now we can add Ichiro to that list.

  4. Ichiro will always be a Mariner in my eyes. Just like Will Clark will always be a Giant...Frank Thomas will be a White Sox, and Rickey Henderson an Athletic.