Thursday, July 28, 2016

How Do You Sort These?

When sorting last week, I came across this card....
Then I thought to myself...How am I going to sort this?
It's techincally a Redskins card, a Giants division rival, but he features him in a Giants uniform. So where do I put this card? Do I put it in my Giants binder because of the uniform or do I file him under Redskins? 
With much arguing with myself on both ends of the problem, I finally decided to stick it in my Giants binder because of the uniform.
But, what would you guys had done with the above card? Would you stick a Dodgers player in a Dodgers uniform who has SF Giants written on it in your Dodgers collection or would you put it somewhere else? Would you put a Lebron James Miami Heat card with Cavs written on it in your Heat collection? 
I wanna hear your guys reasoning for your response.


  1. I also prefer to go by the uniform their wearing, but I understand how it could be a problem for a division rival. I wouldn't want a "traded to Cardinals" notification in my Cubs binders.

  2. As a Brewers collector, I put anything that says Brewers or any guy in a Brewers uniform in my Brewers binders. Everything else goes in a team-specific monster box. For cards with more than one team, I throw them with the non-sports, checklists, and other multi-team cards in their own monster box. Then, from time to time, I try to get rid of some of the multi-team cards by throwing them in to a package for a fellow team collector.

  3. I go by latest team. So if they were traded to the Redskins, he'd go in with my Redskins.

  4. Being a player sorter makes it very simple to sort that one!

  5. Ultimately, it's my collection, so I would put the card wherever I felt like cuz who's to say if I am wrong?

    So on that card, if I wanted it as a Giant, then it is. If I wanted it a 'Skins, that's fine too.

  6. As a Browns collector, if the card had one of the teams involved be the Browns, then it would fit in with my Browns collection. To me, that card would fall in the "other" category, meaning not a Browns card.

    Seriously, I would consider it to be a Redskins card since he was just acquired by them, but I would have no problem sending that to a Giants fan or if a Giants fan claimed that it was a Giants card.

  7. As a Skins fan I personally would put it with Redskins, the Giants send chills down my spine but not as many or as big as da Cowboys do. Burr. As others have also stated with this card it was Giants to Redskins with Redskins being the team listed on official checklists. Now days with baseball I am trying to get all my stuff sorted the old fashioned way by year/brand/set in number order, with inserts and extra stuff put a the end, before the next set. yeah that is progressing like the three-toed sloth race.

  8. If it's a guy I PC, then it goes in the collection regardless of uniform. However... when I'm sorting cards into teams for the sake of making care packages, 90% of the time I go with the photo on the front.