Saturday, July 23, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps Factory Set Baseball Hobby Box

Set collecting.

There isn't as much of it around as there once was, but it still does exist in the hobby. I, myself, still collect and put together sets that catch my attention or are a challenge.

There are many ways to collect sets and no way is wrong.

One, you can build it yourself by buying pack after pack hoping to land that last card or two you need. (I have done this many, many times. The chase is what makes it fun)

Two, you can buy a hobby or retail box or two, then fill your set needs through trading/buying singles. (Done it that way too)

Three, you could simply cut to the chase and buy a complete set. (Have done this too if it's something I really need)

That's where today's review comes into play. This is a complete set of 2016 Topps Baseball with both Series 1 and 2.

In every hobby complete set box of 2016 Topps baseball, you get 700 cards and a bonus 5-card special "limited to these sets 'foil pattern' numbered card pack."  These cards are numbered to 177.
The cost of the sets run around $50.

Other than this hobby set version, there are also retail versions of this set that come with a 5 card pack of rookie variations and an All-Star version that comes with 5 card pack of All-Star cards.
But, today's is the hobby version so let's get to opening!

Once you open up your set, this appears:

The bonus pack is set to the back. My only problem with the set was the cards were not put in order which seemed a bit off to me. I like to have my sets all in order and now will have to number it by hand myself. Which for a set this big it can be a time consuming pain lol.

Before I tackle that project, I took out the cello pack. Here is what the cello pack looks like:

After busting the cello-pack, you get some really slick looking foilboard patterned parallel cards. I know I like what I see.

First one, as you saw already was Kurt Suzuki

Second one, Yasmany Tomas

Third one is a rookie of Ketel Marte,

Next up, Giovanny Urshela

And finally, Cleveland Indians Team Card.
Really sharp looking parallels and now I want more.
Overall, this is a solid buy in my opinion. And if I had to choose one of the versions, I would choose this one. Not that the rookie variations aren't tempting, but these I think will be worth more in the long run as they can be anyone from the 700-card checklist and are limited to just 177 for each card. So there is value to find in this $50 set.

Thanks to Topps for the set to review. You can check them out, HERE
Look for some of these parallels in a future contest. Can you say World Series.....

Thoughts on the set are welcomed below and thoughts & sharing of this review (leave your sharing link in comments) left may earn you some extra brownie points down the road....


  1. I gave up on Topps' flagship after Series I this year (just like last year). I think I would be better served to buy a complete set like this instead of a hobby box, the sheer volume of (boring) inserts is a major turn off for me with regards to base Topps - something this box doesn't have to worry about!

  2. Nice review. For the price of the set, I bought three blaster boxes of Series One alone and was still about 150 short. I might just do this next year, save a few bucks and then buy some doubles of some of the cards online for team sets.

  3. 177 seems an odd number to choose. Is there a reason I don't know about, or just random? I don't like to buy factory sets anymore because I have been burned too often where I don't actually get the complete set. If there is something exclusive I would still do it but they don't issue factory sets for my sports so it's kind of a moot point.

  4. I like the Ichiro set that Target has. I would not spend $50 on this set.

  5. When I was younger... I went with Set Building Option #1. As an adult I transitioned into Set Building Option #2. These days, I'm in the process of building 20+ sets... but my preference is honestly Set Buying (Option #3).

    P.S. Sweet Kurt!