Sunday, July 31, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Hopefuls (AUTOGRAPH GIVEAWAY #d 14/15!!)

I for one, like to collect cards that aren't always mainstream sports. I just think it's fun to break outside of the norm and a lot of the time you will find hidden gems and value for those items.

One type of product that you can open and be able to find that is in the 2016 Topps U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Hopefuls product.

How did my break go and why do I feel this way? Read on:

In every box of 2016 Topps U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Team Hopefuls is 24 packs of 8 cards per pack. You should find 3 hits per box including an auto, relic and commemorative relic within. Each box will run you about $60.

The base card design is what the product is all about, showcasing the brightest stars all across the Olympic and Paralympics for a variety of sports. There are some big names within as well as you can see:
 There are 75 cards in a base set.

As the norm, base card parallels and what better way to do them then by doing Bronze, Silver and Gold. You kinda had to expect that right? 
Bronze falls 1 per pack while the others fall....
Silver is 1:2 packs, Gold is 1:3 packs and Gold Rainbow the rarest one are 1/1's
Other inserts include....

OLYMPIC DISCIPLINES which represents a U.S. Olympic athlete and the discipline in which they’ll complete at the 2016 Olympic Games. Also tells how it is played. These fall 1:4 packs.
Closing Ceremonies chronicles past Olympic Games and shows an overview of which countries won the most medals, including overall, gold, silver and bronze. These are the toughest insert to pull falling at 1:24 packs.

The final insert which will be un-pictured as my phone had a glitch and didn't upload a picture, is Memorable Moments. Obviously showcasing the best moments in Olympic history. These fall 1:8 packs.

Now onto the hits~!

U.S. Olympic Team Relic Cards. These showcase 50 hopefuls representing their sport. I think getting a piece of memorabilia from the Olympics is pretty cool.
Mine is the base version.But, you can find parallels as well including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Rainbow 1/1 cards.

Here is what the commemorative medals look like. Obviously there are three levels to collect with bronze being the most common. There is also Silver and Gold and parallels of Blue and Red.

Now onto the autograph or what I call, autographs as my box provided an extra hit.

Up first, I think this card is really cool and you will see why in a second. This is the base autograph here. But you can also find parallels including Bronze, Silver....(wait til the jump for the gold)
But before showing the gold parallel which I pulled in my box, this is why I think this Matt Stutzman card is super cool. Look at this sit down he did with Topps signing these....
Gold such as this one numbered to 15

and and Gold Rainbow 1/1 cards are available too.

Other memorabilia and autographed selections not found in my box are...
 U.S. Olympic Champion Autograph Cards, U.S. Olympic Cut Signature Cards, and Autographed Relic Cards.Other hits include Commemorative Relic Cards like, United States Olympic Team Patch, United States of America Flag Patch, and United States Olympic Team Crest Patches. All or most of these have parallel versions.

Overall, if you are into outside-the-box sports or like the Olympics, I think this is a pretty solid Gold Medal product looking at the checklist, hits per box and price. There are many hidden gems within and the hits are well designed.

Now time for the giveaway!

It's as easy as can be to enter to win this card:
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Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. It's cool Topps hooks you up, and the design is good, but 75 cards to represent 555 Olympic athletes and I don't know how many Paralympic athletes is really not good. I am still going to try and complete the set as I really love the Olympics. Did you complete the base set from the box? I got a box of the Sochi Olympics set and completed the set, but I could not afford a box of the London set and am still a few cards short

  2. Wow, what a really neat set!
    Pro - good number of hits per product, not people you see everyday, good price
    Con - limited interest in the set, unless you're a card collector or a big Olympic fan, can't see many people interested in this set. Plus, if you want to flip, you have a linited time, as maybe once every 4 years during Olympic season will people want these cards

    1. Forgot this

  3. Pro - love that Paralympic athletes are in the set.

    Con - the backgrounds of the cards behind the athletes could look nicer. The design seems pretty average, it could be nicer.

    Here is my tweet!

  4. Mrblu1976@aol.comJuly 31, 2016 at 9:01 AM

    Thanks for the review and the contest.
    Pros: Price is fantastic, there are lots of memo and auto cards, it is a cool nonmainstream sethe to collect
    Cons: The background and artwork look a bit bland.

  5. Thanks to Topps for the box.

    Pro- variety in non-traditional sports content for those interested.

    Con- sticker autos, you had 4 years to get these together and couldn't get on card?

    Thanks for the contest!

  6. Love this set as there's none else like it. Getting local athletes is awesome as you could easily get them signed IP. Don't like that some of these people you will never hear of, wish they stick to more mainstream sports

  7. Pro: Always intrigued by an U.S. Olympic product
    Con: Autographs are not on card

  8. Very Cool, my wife and I are creating a master set again this year.

  9. Pro- it's cool to see the Olympians showcased in a card set
    Con- I don't have any in my collection

  10. Nice. The cards look pretty good, though I don't know many of these names.

  11. Thank you Topps sports and Sport Card Collectors for providing this opportunity!

    Pros: Autos
    Cons: Backgrounds


  12. Topps does a nice job on these sets. The manu relics are very cool. I'd love to see some unique relics such as horse hair relics from equestrian events, match used targets from archery events, etc. They would be very cool.

  13. It's nice of Topps to provide the products and for you to show them off.

    Pro: I like stuff that's not from the mainstream sports, and this qualifies. It seems like they get a variety of athletes to sign and provide relics for the set. The Olympic medal theme makes for an obvious set of parallels to chase.

    Con: Like Billy Kingsley mentioned above, the small checklist does leave a lot of athletes out. I guess with niche products you get whatever you can, but it seems like there is room to expand the checklist out a bit more.

  14. Pro: It is a unique set that allows for the athletes that are not as well known to get some cards out.

    Con: The checklist might be a bit limited but the small amount of collectors likely accounts for that.

    As always thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Pro...Nick Mangold's sister!
    Con...Base set should be bigger than 75...there are a lot of USA Olympians.

  16. The card's look great and the best part is these athletes finally get the recognition they deserve. I just wish the set was a little bigger.

  17. The card's look great and the best part is these athletes finally get the recognition they deserve. I just wish the set was a little bigger.

  18. Pro - love the concept (and the fact it is nick mangolds sister - I believe)
    Con- product hype


  19. Thanks for the review and the contest!
    Pro: Price point and it's an Olympics set!
    Con: Only 75 cards in the base set.