Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nuttin But The Hits:2015 Gridiron Kings (Some Boom)

Very artistic as a dedication to past Donruss designs, Gridiron Kings is very bright and bold. It only has two hits per box and runs roughly around $45 for 12 packs.

This is my second break which was much better than my first.

Insert pulls:

My jersey card pull. Not too bad if this guy can catch some passes from whoever is the Jets QB next year.
And a small boom, Studio Signatures autograph /5 of Randall Cobb (this break was done in January and this card has already been traded away as I am far behind on posting these)

Overall, Cobb saved the break. My rookie card pulls were weak, jersey card wasn't the best but luckily that Cobb found its way in here.

What are your thoughts on Gridiron Kings and my box pull?


  1. I almost broke my 10 year silence of opening football with this set. The baseball version is one of the better value buys out there.

  2. Not a bad looking set. I won't buy a box or any packs of it, but I'll definitely try to pick up any Bengals cards.

  3. Nice looking cards. I'll definitely look for my favorite players and teams. Thanks for the post.

  4. That Cobb auto is pretty awesome!