Saturday, July 2, 2016

REVIEW:June 2016 Football Loot Locker (2 HITS!)

After seeing much success with May's football Loot Lockers (you can check out the hits for May HERE and see among them a Todd Gurley Patch auto), I decided I wanted to dig into a football one to see if I could get as lucky as those collectors.

Well, let's just say, I ended up pretty happy with my results.
If you haven't seen a Loot Locker in your mail box, here is what they look like...
You open it up and find this that contains 4-6 hobby packs, comes in a 400ct reusable box and also comes with some penny sleeves/toploaders. You can either just order one when you can afford to or subscribe and get them delivered monthly. The choice is yours. 

Below is an example of what you may find in a football one. The Loot Lockers also come in Basketball, baseball and Hockey.
Each month the hobby pack offerings are different because they are voted on by fans who follow The Loot Locker on Twitter. At the beginning of a new month, The Loot Locker has you narrow a list down to the Top 3 pack choices and that will be the offerings for that month. They do this for each sport every month.
So let's get to crackin my second Loot Locker, if you missed my first which was a baseball one you can see that HERE.
After you open your locker, this is what you will see. A well packed package
This was my 4 pack selection. Two 2015 Panini Contenders football, one 2015 Topps Platinum and one 2016 Panini Classics. Some good products.

Let's get to bustin!
Inside of my 2016 Classics, I didn't pull a hit, but did get an Odell Beckham Jr. insert (PC pull) and a Marshawn Lynch parallel /99.

My two Contenders Packs landed me an autograph.

And my Topps Platinum pack landed me a parallel, rookie card and an

autograph! This one is numbered to 150 and is a blue parallel.
Overall, can't go wrong with 2 hits in 4 packs. My football locker was much more exciting then my baseball locker was. But, I have seen hits across the board for all of the sports which if you clicked the link above you would have seen too.

Solid pack selection, delivered to your house, decent price (I have added up the price per pack and those alone come to a little over $20) and freebies in some toploaders, penny sleeves and candy and I can see why Loot Lockers are becoming a household name in the hobby.
And yes, I said candy. 
You really can't go wrong with one of these and if you don't have a hobby shop like me, you will get it even more.

So maybe at this point you are wondering how to get on board and try one or more for yourself. Well, follow this link right HERE and it's that simple. Then you can see first hand what I have spoken about the last two months. Please post your results on your blog or Twitter for the rest to see of course.

Thoughts on this Locker break and the Lockers in general are welcomed below.


  1. Pretty nice mojo right there!

  2. The Loot Locker is great, nice hits!

  3. Cool idea. I signed up for a baseball loot locker for the end of this month. Looking forward to it!

  4. Congratulations on your pulls. You definitely beat the odds. If I didn't have access to supplies, I'd consider going this route. But since I do, I'd rather buy a twenty-something dollar single of my choosing off of eBay.