Friday, November 25, 2016

Breakin Wax:1996 Playoff Illusions Football Pack

When you combine a Playoff product with the look of Chrome and the feel of Bowman's Best, you are going to grab my attention.

That's something that 1996 Playoff Illusions did.

In every pack of 1996 Playoff Illusions football are 5 cards. Packs currently run on the Jammin JD Sports Cards website for $3 and can be found HERE.

Like I said, the base cards have a chrome/Bowmans Best appeal. They are bursting with color and are very catchy to your eyes.

I didn't pull any rookies in my pack but there are some good ones to find like Eddie George and Marvin Harrison, but I did pull a cool insert.

XXXI is an insert that falls 1:12 packs and is die cut across the top. Looks really cool in person. Lucky me as well as I pulled one of my favorite 90's guys in TD. There are really sick parallels to these but at much tougher odds.
Overall, pulled a cool insert so I am happy. I know many of the collectors today wouldn't be as it's not an autograph or jersey/patch card, but those are most likely the ones that didn't collect in this era where you slowly looked at each card skipping that middle one in case it's an insert. Then revisiting it at the end to see if your excitement will explode. Such a more fun time.

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  1. Congratulations on pulling the Terrell Davis diecut insert! That guy was a beast. I still have nightmares of him running for over 150 yards and 3 touchdowns against my Packers in that Super Bowl.