Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hidden Peyton

Yesterday, I blogged about sorting my 1999 1st Place football and as I continued I felt something a bit odd with this card.

It looks like a plain 'ole Mike Alstott card from here until you turn it over and realize that it was two cards instead of one.

Stuck to it? Just this sharp looking Excalibur insert that was missing in my box that falls 1:24 packs. It's also just some guy named Peyton Manning.
Does it get any cooler than finding your missing pull and then having it turn out to be one of the all-time greats? I think not!

Have you ever found a "stuck" card? What was it? Comment below!


  1. Just this past Saturday I bought a Jason Kidd insert and found a Ricky Davis insert from the same set stuck to the back of it from the same insert set. I needed both of them, too!

  2. I wish that sort of thing happened to me - not bad at all!

  3. Alstott always was a great blocker!

  4. Sweet! I hope there was no damage to either card. Of course, this may be the only time Peyton has ever stayed OUT of the limelight!