Sunday, November 20, 2016

Breakin Wax:1997 Upper Deck Football Retail Pack

Nobody did what Upper Deck could do in the 90's Their photography, innovation and inserts were amazing.

I didn't need any other reason but those to open this up:

1997 Upper Deck retail packs came with 9 cards and one guaranteed Star Attractions insert per pack. Packs are very cheap (it's basically just base and Star Attractions in retail but it's still cool) on the Jammin JD Sports Cards website for only $1.25. You can find those, HERE.

Like I said, base card photography was second to none. There are no borders really, simply leaving you for some nice clean base card action shots.
You can see that throughout this card pack gallery:

I really like this Reggie White shot.

My Star Attractions insert is of Curtis Martin. It's a nice looking silver die-cut and is similar to the foil that Upper Deck used a lot of in the 90's. No complaints from me about it however.
For $1.25 this was what I expected but I am very happy with. I do wish there was more offerings in the retail version, but I think the Star Attractions insert would be a fun set to put together. The base set is still fun as well. So I would be tempted to try a few more.

What are your thoughts?


  1. The Star Attractions gold cards have held value and are actually rare in a time when overproduction was rampant! Insertion ratios have never been released.