Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Jammin Crate Box!

Yesterday was my first mail day in a long time. One I was really counting down to.

I picked up some Retro Card packs from Jammin JD Sports Cards to bust and this arrived yesterday, pretty stylish I think.

And inside, after the protective bubble wrap, was awesomeness including a bonus pack!
I will be breaking these packs on the blog as I go, so make sure to tune in to see how I did. 
There is a very solid variety in here from the years 1995-2000 and mainly football. Anything from Topps Gold Label to Playoff Illusions to Stadium Club. Simply a trip back in time and one I know I will enjoy.


  1. That looks really cool. I checked out the site and they've got some really fun stuff for cheap. I might have to partake in a box myself.