Sunday, June 10, 2018

Full House

As another year kicks off, my mother in law is on the hunt for cards for me from yard sales and antique stores. Well, yard sales haven't started yet here but hopefully soon.

Antique stores are open however and that's where she found today's finds.

Here first find was this unopened pack of Topps Archives from 1991.
Up to this point I haven't opened it. I kind of wanna keep it sealed since there really isn't anything to chase inside, but on the other hand, I wanna open it because it's an unopened pack waiting to be busted. We will see.

The other cool find was this metal tin box of what I thought was cards but turned out to be.....

Playing cards. But, an All-Century Team playing cards. These were created back in 2000 and were something I haven't seen before.
I opened them up and pulled out some of the cards and was impressed. Vintage black and white photos with a colorful playing ball and card shapes making for a nice blend. I would buy an actual trading card set like this if there was one!

I didn't show off all 52 names in the set, but all of the big ones are in there. For now, I am just showing off a few of my favorites,

Pretty cool don't you think? I will most likely keep them in the box but I have considered paging these as a set as well. Right now I am out of pages so they would be forced in the box either way but I am one who likes to keep things as is like this. That's a big part of my hobby OCD.

As always, when my mother in law finds more items this year or if I do, I will post them as they are picked up.


  1. Yard sale finds are always cool. I've never seen those playing cards before ... pretty neat!

    1. Yes I love yard sales for cards and unique spits stuff. Sadly most of mine locally have turned into clothing dump offs now

  2. I haven't seen those playing cards before either, but they look really cool.