Wednesday, June 6, 2018

May Fantasy Baseball Winners!

Another month of baseball is done and so isn't another month of my Fantasy Baseball promo is as well. This month's winners-going forward til the playoffs as well-were determined by the highest winning percentage for the month of May which went five weeks because of how it was placed.

So a big congrats goes out to...

SCC LEAGUE 1: Bottom Feeders
SCC LEAGUE 2: No Crying In Baseball

No Crying in Baseball had the bigger winning percentage jump between the two so they will get first choice of prize.

No Crying In Baseball please choose between the Duvall autograph or the card sorting tray (no cards).



Both winners please email me your addresses to No Crying In Baseball please give me your selection of prize in that email as well and Bottom Feeders will get the other one.

I will have the prizes for June posted soon. Please also thank Topps and BCW Supplies for their generosity.


  1. I will valiantly offer to accept any unclaimed prizes on behalf of unresponsive winners. :)

  2. I could always use another sorting tray......I need to make sure and join next year!