Tuesday, October 9, 2018

REVIEW:2018 Bowman Chrome Baseball

When I see the words Bowman and you add on the word chrome that to me means winner. That's like putting pineapple on pizza to me. Yes, I am one of those weirdos.

Bowman Chrome is full of prospect and rookie fun. Not to mention, plenty of refractor chasing! So let's see what the 2018 had in store for me.

In every master box of 2018 Bowman Chrome baseball, there are 2 mini boxes with 6 packs per mini box. Each pack has 5 cards and each box comes with 2 autographs. Boxes currently run $110.

The base card set is the Bowman design but is hyped up with chrome. There are 100 cards in the base set with veterans and


There is also a 100 card prospect set as well. These are not apart of the base set. Only what we will define as true rookie cards are. So to me, when they do these prospects, they are actually an insert line.

There are also 15 rookie card variations to chase as well. I didn't pull any to show off.

As I spoke about above, it's more refractor love with another chrome product out. The fun thing about these refractors is the fact they are not easy to chase. You wont' find one every pack or every other pack. They are much tougher than that.

This is a base refractor that falls 1:20 packs.

A purple refractor of Shane Baz falls 1:40 packs and is numbered to 250.

Prospect Green Shimmer falls 1:101 packs. Nice find here in Bo Bichette.

Orange refractor that falls 1:398 packs. I felt this was the top pull of the box. Young Yankee Clint Frazier.

Other parallels to find not in my box are,
  • Blue /150
  • Green /99
  • Gold /50
  • Red /5
  • SuperFractor 1/1
Other prospect parallels include,
  • Refractor /499
  • Purple /250
  • Blue /150
  • Green /99
  • Gold /50
  • Orange /25
  • Red /5
  • SuperFractor 1/1.
And Shimmer parallels are,
  • Purple /655
  • Gold /50
  • Orange /25
  • Red /5
  • Black 1/1
Inserts are fun shiny finds in the product as well. Inserts have the following parallels, Atomic /150, Orange /25, and SuperFractor 1/1.

This is a Bowman Sterling insert that falls 1:12 packs and has 15 cards in the set. Wished I had gotten Gleyber.

Peaks Of Potential falls 1:3 packs and has 30 cards to chase. They look pretty cool. I like the design.

2017 Arizona Fall League falls 1:6 packs.

Now onto my autograph finds. All I can say, it's not the greatest hits which is why I called the Bo Bichette and Clint Frazier refractors the finds of the box.

Chris Torres.

Richard Urena (my second find of his this year) refractor /499

Other hits not in my box but could be in yours include,
  • Chrome Autograph Relics
  • 2017 AFL Fall Stars Autographs
  • 2017 AFL Fall Stars MVP SP Autograph
  • 2017 AFL Fall Stars Relics
  • 2017 AFL Fall Stars Autograph Relics
  • All-America Game Autographs
  • Bowman Sterling Continuity Autographs
  • Peaks of Potential Autographs
  • Prime Chrome Signatures
OVERALL:My box fell flat for the pulls, but did well with the refractors. There are tons of big named hits to chase on here. My buddy Shane over at Project Pedro Blog pulled an Acuna blue refractor auto out of one of his boxes.

If you liked the Chrome line before, you will still like it now.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to a future promo.  Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well.