Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict: I Was Stuck On Upper Deck

When growing up, there were only two ways to look at the word stuck. There were things you "stuck with" such as my love of the NY Giants you can see in this picture at an early age,

Or things you are "stuck doing" such as my mother's hatred of being in photos as you can see by her unimpressed expression in this same photo. But, when you go to someone's house for Christmas and you or your child get a present, you are expected to get a photo done as well. Not that I was really a fan of photos being taken either but I was still "stuck doing" it.

As an adult now, things I "stuck with" is playing sports and always trying to be active. I also "stuck with" being a NY sports fan for the Yankees and Giants. I also "stuck with" working hard for everything I have. I also have "stuck with" ,or at least believe I have, with always being a positive ,polite, good person for all of those who meet me or even talk to me on social media.

Also as an adult, we see many things we are "stuck doing". We are stuck working, paying bills, grocery shopping, running errands, cleaning house, raising kids (well this one is really an option but I assume most will in some form or another), and so much more responsibilities.

It was so much easier as a kid when you are just "stuck doing" minor chores and getting a picture taken of yourself.

Collecting was also much easier when I was a child as well. I have spoken many times on here how accessible card packs were to me back then vs now. There were many things in my hobby youth I have "stuck with".

I have "stuck with" the same sorting format. I have "stuck with" collecting the same things besides adding a few more on since then. I have also "stuck with" collecting products from the 90's and I have also "stuck with" being a fan of and collecting Upper Deck trading cards.

Even though it's not quite as many purchases as it used to be since Upper Deck only owns the right to the hockey license, I still dive into some Goodwin Champions and collect their older NFL licensed stuff. And of course their late 90's Spx.

One of my favorite Upper Deck products in the mid to late 90's was Collectors Choice. It was very affordable at .99 a pack and I could easily just grab one in the grocery store. That's exactly what I did back in 1995. I bought tons and tons.

I loved the base card designs with their bold colors and the photography was second to none. But, what really grabbed me was it's one-per-pack Stick Ums insert. It was simply just a sticker, but it featured bold colors and names even I could recognize at the time. Keep in mind I really didn't get football completely down until 1996-1997 with player names.

There were 90 stickers to collect in the set and you can find the stickers in three different versions. One version features a quad of players. One features a player trio along with a team helmet. The final version came as a single player.

Today I am featuring the quad and trio stickers. Note that the players featured on the front of the card have a theme as they are featured on there by division. Remember when AFC and NFC had a Central division in the NFL? Well, now you will.

Inaugural year for the Jags in 1995 so I was chasing down anything with their helmet or logo on it. This one features two Jags and a HOFer in Rod Woodson.

Jay Novacek was another dominant Cowboys Tight End the Giants struggled against yearly.

Classic 90's Jets logo

Some hard hitters on this one including a FB that could block big time.

There were too many not-so-great James Stewarts in 1995 as there was one for both the Jags who they drafted and the Vikes. Both were running backs and both didn't prove much.

Kevin Greenes long locks made girls jealous and QB's running when they saw them coming.

Along with the Jags, it was Inaugural time for the Panthers in 1995 as well and I chased their stuff as well. It's probably why today I still have a thing for both teams.

Some NY Giants love finally! But, it's Dave Brown. Oy!

This one features four great players. Haley was a sacking beast! Randall was a Barry Sanders at QB. Swann and Harvey had their moments as well.

Vinny Testeverde that played for what felt like 100 years and all of the teams and a very underrated Carl Pickens.

Four recognizable names, at least for me, that some teams wished they didn't recognize. This one also features the classic Buc's logo. I prefer the newer one honestly.
A lot of kid collectors at the time would take these and stick them all over their notebooks, Trapper Keepers (remember those), clothing, "paper bag" book covers, back packs, fanny packs, and so much more. Myself on the other hand, well, you see what my hobby OCD allowed me to do with mine. That hobby OCD is something else I have been "stuck with".

When I found these stickers the other day, they took me back and brought lots of warm memories along with them. So I found myself "stuck doing" this post for today about them. This is one thing I am fine with "stuck doing" as an adult.


  1. Damn. They had Trapper Keepers in the 90's? I grew up using them in the mid 80's. They were awesome! Every September... I'd shop for pencils, a lunch box, Pee-Chee folders, and my handy-dandy Trapper Keeper.

    1. I believe I still have one of mine lol. Not the cool brightly colored one I once had but it's blue.