Tuesday, November 27, 2012

eBay Pickup

Recently bought this lot off from eBay. Was a mixture of sports and came with 2 jersey cards. Most importantly some of the money paid for the lot went to a good cause so couldn't go wrong with it. I like to help out as many causes as I can whether in big or little ways. And the cards were just a bonus.

Handful of commons including Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Marshall Faulk among others

Best basketball rookie

Liked finding the Seau, Alstott, and Bledsoe rookies

This was the best of the best. John Kruk, Dave Righetti, Harold Baines and Kirk Gibson rookies.

Not bad jersey card in Curry. And no thats not Sanchez..thats the infamous Clemens
Overall didn't think it was a bad buy. With some of the proceeds going to a great cause and the cost of the lot around $20 I would probably take the chance again. You never know what you can find. My favorite find out of this lot has to be the Kirk Gibson rookie.

What were your thoughts on my lot pickup? Do you take chances on these types of eBay lots sometimes?

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