Monday, February 3, 2014

Winner Of Our Super Bowl 48 Giveaway!

Well, that was not what I would call a Super Bowl by any means, but congrats goes out to the Seattle Seahawks for total domination and the win. By far was probably the most boring Super Bowl I have ever watched. The commercials were not much better. A positive note was this contest! There were about a little over 30 entries and most chose Denver to win. That automatically eliminated some.

Before I tell the winner and break it down on how they were chosen, here is again what they won!
1 Blue Binder, ! 100 Ct box of 9 Pocket sheets and a package of Card Sleeves made possible by our friends at BCW Supplies! Make sure to go and thank them for their generosity!!

Russell Wilson inserts, autograph of Denver DT Marcus Thomas, Player Of The Day card of Peyton Manning and a Topps Chrome X-Factor of Richard Sherman

4 gold parallel numbered to 2011 rookie inserts of Cameron Heyward, Rob Housler, Ryan Kerrigan and Corey Luigit. 

Now onto the moment you have been waiting for. but first here were the rules:

1. You MUST BE A U.S. Resident to enter. Sorry, shipping reasons.
2. Pick the winner of Super Bowl 48
3. Pick the total score for Super Bowl 48 WITHOUT GOING OVER
4. As a Tie Breaker, pick Super Bowl MVP
5. Second Tie Breaker, pick how many yards Peyton Manning will throw for

A big congrats goes out to Thomas Young who picked Seattle to win. Then chose the score of 48 that tied someone else so I had to go to the next tie breaker the MVP. Knowing anyone in their right mind never would have gotten that right, it came down to Peyton's total yards that Thomas was closest on, only missing it by 5 yards. 

So Thomas, congrats! Email your address to and I will pass this information onto BCW Supplies who will ship out your prize as well. You will have 7 days from today to claim the prize or it will be re-given away. 

Thanks to everyone who entered and look forward to more contests right here on Sport Card Collectors!


  1. Nice win Thomas. A lot of great stuff there.
    Chad D