Friday, February 7, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: 2014 Topps Baseball Rack Pack

With the end of the football season, I start to get antsy for new cards for 2014 to hit the market. Especially baseball cards since that season is soon upon us. So I went to Walmart to help calm that craving with the new release Topps Series 1.

I couldn't afford a blaster on this trip, but wanted to get something. A Jumbo Pack (that I still call a Rack Pack) was reasonable break for $4.98 to calm that pack craving for now. You get 36 cards per pack and 2 special blue parallels as well.

Now onto the break:

Despite that border that still bothers me,much rather have a borderless card, I was quite impressed with some of the photography that Topps used on these. Probably the best I have seen from them.
Only 3 rookies

Only 3 inserts. I liked this. The last few years the amount of inserts they stick in their products is way too much. I did like the designs on these.

Two blue parallels as promised and a third green that wasn't listed anywhere. I found out some info on it and I guess Topps stuck one of these per a rack pack as well.

This card caught me odd at first, mostly because I didn't notice the Power Players part, when the silver didn't shine on the card. Upon further investigating I found out it was Topps Power Players card. Similar to past years programs, the back of the Power Players card provides you with a code you can use to unlock your player online to win prizes. To find out more on this, follow this LINK. For me, I like that fact even if you don't win a prize, you still got a card of the player. In the past couple of years you would just get a basic card with the writing on the front and code. This is much better to me.

Overall, not a bad break. I felt some things Topps improved on and some were the same. If they can improve upon cutting down on the border size on the cards that would be a much better design.

As always, comments are welcomed!

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