Friday, February 21, 2014

Retro Break 'Em: 1991 Action Packed Football Pack

Once in awhile it's fun to dig into the past and open up an older pack of cards. Times were simpler than. No fancy-dancy-autograph-low serial numbered-patch piece from a memorable game limited cards to be found in these. Just simply cards. Cards that weren't always about the value. Cards that made you think why you got into the hobby. Not so much from ripping and flipping. But just for collecting and having fun. And enjoying the cards themselves with the photography and even for some of us who are sports buffs, the stats on the back. This NEW SEGMENT called Retro Break 'Em will show you just that.

For this break, I did one pack of 1991 Action Packed Football to show you what's inside of a pack.These cards are as their title states, Action Packed. The combination of photography and the "raised" or what I like to call "braille feel" to these made the cards unique on the market.

In every pack, you get 6 cards. There was also a shot at a Brett Favre rookie and a possible certificate for a solid gold card. But, this pack didn't have either. But it still did have some cool cards in it.

This pack seemed Dolphin heavy as half of the pack was Dolphins. Another thing to note, that a lot of products don't do anymore now, is include offensive lineman into their products. They are the ones who are in the trenches helping make the plays for the play-makers. And in a product like this, it really defines their positions with the photography used.

As always, comments are encouraged. Let me know your thoughts on this product and our new segment.

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